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Marc Kuegle, a self-taught Cree, German artist, blends photography and digital art, adding elements of music and animation. Drawing inspiration from personal adventures, skateboarding, music, and diverse cultures, his work resonates with a sense of exploration and nostalgia. Notable showcases include the Futurist Conference ’22, Five Points NYC ’22 alongside the Ghost Club Collective, and the 'Jpgs of the North' pop-up gallery at Outer Edge LA. In August 2023, Marc had his 4th solo show 'Fisherman Friends,' which captivated Bangkok for three weeks followed by a feature in the HUG x Untold mobile gallery for Art Basel Miami ’23. He curated the show 'Treasures of Thailand' at Toronto's GOAT Gallery in December of ’23, featuring modern digital artists from Thailand.  This past April he also participated in NFT NYC and the inaugural HUGFest. Marc's art evokes a sense of exploration and nostalgia, inviting viewers to journey through his vibrant compositions.

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